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Ginger Snaps Icons
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This means you must email me first with a link to your community and a description of it. If you promote in this community without doing so, that entry will be deleted.

General graphics rules:
We all have our own rules for our graphics, but htere are some general ones that everyone has. They are listed below. If you do not follow them you will get a warning. If you fail to fix whatever rule you didn't follow I will have to ban you.

1) Comment if taking people's stuff
2) Do not alter it. They are their graphics not yours. If you want your username on something, ask if they will do it. If not, respect that.
3) Credit them. Credit for banners goes in keywords. Credit for colorbars is in the code already usually. And credit for icons goes inthe KEYWORDS. (Where you upload the icon)
If you do not credit, I will hunt you down. Unless the person says you do not need to credit them, you will be expected to. If you do not know how, then ask.
4) Do not claim as your own. That is called stealing. Stealing is bad. Don't do bad things.
5) Do not hotlink. This means you take the url of the picture and use it for yourself. THAT IS BAD! Their bandwith will exceed and then not even YOU can see the picture. BIG SUCK. Don't do this to people. Upload it to your own server. I suggest www.photobucket.com.

We also do challenges!
Challenge 1 winner: shy_phantom Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Challenge 2 winner: sexylittlefeet2 Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Challenge 3 winner: gahdzuks Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Promote us!

This banner by deaddoloreshaze

This banner by shy_phantom

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This community is maintained and moderated by zar_roc
Any questions, comments or concerns, e-mail me at the e-mail address above.